Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

One FANTASTIC DAY of Smallmouth Fishing 05/23/2003

One FANTASTIC DAY of Smallmouth Fishing 05/23/2003

The day began with a quick stop at smiling Joe Hansen's Bait Stand 814-838-1642
Smiley knows the right bait to catch these huge smallmouth just give him a call.

Fishing started on the east side of Presque Isle several miles east. As soon as the minnows hit the water, fish were on.

The water temperature was 48 degrees and the fish were huge today.

Doubles and triples were very common.

The first of five over 20 came quick.

Eddie has been fishing with me for 15 years and has caught a lot of smallmouth thru the years but this was the day of the decade.

One on and one in hand. The smallies continue to be in the 15 to 25 feet depth.

Then another over 20 took a shiner. This was a 21 inch smallmouth

The light wind was mostly east or north east all day but that had little effect as the crew of six just kept cranking in those smallies as they danced upon the water. This was 1 of Eddie's 27 caught this day.

The smallmouth continued to be huge all day long.

The third over 20 was a 21 inch small mouth bass

The fourth over 20 was a 22 inch small mouth bass

As the bait ran low. Tubes of white and green were used and also worked well. The bite was just on! The captain caught the fifth over 20 on a white tube.
The most on at one time was five and that makes for some FANTASTIC Smallmouth Fishing . This was the best day that I ever experienced with well over 130 large smallies caught. Have caught more but never of this size in one day. 400 to 500+ pound day?

Captain Ron Rusch

Source: Captain Ron Rusch May 28, 2003 at 12:14:40

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