Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

Fishing for Smallmouth with three over 20

Fishing for Smallmouth

Monday May 19th 2003 fishing for smallmouth out of Walnut Creek started with a light southeast wind and water temperature of 49 degrees.Drifting action began quick in 16 feet of water.

The smallmouth are very fat and have been hitting minnows well. This day was the first time gobies made the boat. They were a real nuisances hitting hard at bait twice there size as usual. The bass were coughing them up with good numbers when caught. This was nice to see but they are not eating them fast enough.

The young anglers were having a great time catching big fat smallmouth.

Another nice smallie and also the 1st twenty inch smallmouth caught today.

The bass continued to bite all morning in the 12 to 20 feet depth. Over 20 feet action was much slower.

The second smallmouth over 20 was caught by the young boy giving him quite a thrill as the smallie jumped and dove to the bottom. The clear water also gave us a good show to the smallies battle to resist. Nice 20.5 inch 6.5 pound smallmouth.

The captain also enjoyed the day catching a 21.5 inch smallie weighing 7.25 pounds. Fishing for smallmouth this year has seen many large smallies. Great year ahead as this is just the beginning!

Source: Captain Ron Rusch May 22, 2003 at 09:53:09

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