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Walleye at Night

Walleye at Night

The month of May finds the walleye night feeding on the trout smolt as they enter Lake Erie from the western Pennsylvania streams
Walleye are usually caught at night by casting large 7" floating crankbaits from shore near stream mouths or trolling by boat near shore.

An evening with Friends, Moxie, John and Myself May 8th found good action just prior to complete darkness. The walleye liked the shallow runner trolled in 20 feet.

Smallmouth were taking the deeper running lures jumping and fighting their way to the boat.

The night was cool with light wind. Water temperature was 48 degrees and very clear. Moon was at first quarter providing some light. The big light in the sky will be more helpful each night for the next seven days or so. Full moon will occur on the 16th.

The period from darkness to midnight was slow this evening with only a double snag being the action after dark.

The walleye usually caught are on the big size.

Source: Captain Ron Rusch May 09, 2003 at 10:21:31

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