WCO Report for Erie and Crawford County 10/30/02: Erie area, PA,
WCO Report Posted: October 30, 2002

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Posted by WCO John Bowser on October 30, 2002 at 07:29:34:

With the arrival of last weeks rain and cooler temperatures, the East side tributaries are beginning to receive plenty of activity.

All east county tributaries are now showing signs of Steelhead presence. Best color of choice this week has been white, regardless of what you choose to use; followed by anything in black. Egg sacs, single eggs, wooly-buggers & fly sucker spawn have been producing well; additionally, good results have been obtained by using 4-6# test, with small hooks and a flouro-carbon leader.

Reports have been received regarding numerous dead Steelhead on Sixteenmile Creek. Although the causes of this kill are, at present, unknown, investigations are underway in attempts to determine its origins. More information is to follow as it is received.

For those who are interested in the background to this project, it is recommended that you consult Linda Steiner’s article in the November/December 2002 issue of the PENNSYLVANIA ANGLER & BOATER.

Additionally, anglers are reminded that a parking area (within the old Penn York Center/Barber property) is now available on the Northwest side of TWENTYMILE adjacent to State Route 5. By utilizing this area, it is hoped that the majority of congestion, and inherent danger, previously encountered by parking on the roadway, can now be alleviated.
Anglers are additionally reminded that parking and/or driving are prohibited in the vineyard immediately adjacent and to the east of the Middle Road & State Route 5 intersection. The landowner has graciously allowed the West side of TWENTYMILE from SR5 southward to remain open to recreational angling, so please respect the rights of the property owner by adhering to ‘courteous and ethical’ use of the property.

East Side Stream Clean up:
When - November 17th @ 9:00 AM
Where - We can meet at the new parking area at 20 Mile Creek.
What - an attempt to clean up the following creeks of trash and rubbish - 20, 16 and 12 if possible/manpower provides for it.
Who - whomever would like to volunteer their time and efforts for this oh so noble cause.

Perch: Lights catches being taken from the N. Pier on minnows and some small ones at waterworks. Bay should be heating up good for perch in the next few weeks.
Crappie: Some catches being taken at the marina on Presque Isle State Park. If you have the time check the lagoons, but be advised I don't have anything solid to report from that area.
Steelhead: Being taken from the N. pier and East and West pier in Presque Isle State Park. Still good number of fish up 4-mile behind the Lawrence Park Fish Club. Respect the clubs property by cleaning up your litter and others. A special thanx to Bill Blackman for providing the, "crappie" info.

An interesting report came out of the California Department of Fish and Game in September. Scientists had been concerned about the decline in the sea otter population over the past five years. As they began to investigate the plunging population, they discovered that 42 percent of live sea otters and 62 percent of dead sea otters carried the antibodies for the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii, meaning that they were exposed to the live parasite. Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that a pregnant human female is encouraged not to change the litter in the event the cat may have the protozoan. Why? Cats shed live, infectious T. gondii eggs in their feces.
The theory is that cat feces is running from fields and yards into the waterways, carrying the infectious eggs with them to infect the sea otter population. Stories like this continue to show how fragile our waterways are and the wide range of problems that can be found in freshwater and in saltwater environments.
The CA Fish and Game people have no solutions at this point, but this bodes ill for other states with a wide variety of water-life.


***Walnut Creek Boat Basin Opens for fishing this Thursday***
October 31 @ 4:00 PM

Another netting incident....
Three suspects from Parma Heights, Ohio received 18 citations w/ fines totaling $1555.50 this evening. Each were charged w/ No License, No Trout Stamp, Illegal Device, Littering, Unlawful Retrieval & Disposition, & Fishing in an area where prohibited.
Observation of suspects began just prior to 2300 hrs. on 10/28/02 with apprehension made at 2330 hrs after 4 trout were allegedly taken illegally.
WCO Kerr, WCO Bowser, & DWCO McSkimming were involved. Same town as last week's Monday night defendants ... they must love our fish there.

West Side Stream Clean Up:
1) Where = we will meet at the Walnut Creek Access. From there we will branch out.
2) Time = 9:00 Am
3) What Creeks = Walnut, Elk, Trout, & Godfrey.
4) What to Bring = Yourself, gloves, and if you want a stick with a point on for picking up the trash

Erie Forecast:
Wednesday: Cloudy with a few showers. Temperatures steady in the low 40s. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 30%.
Wednesday night: Showers in the evening, then cloudy overnight. Low 36F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy with a mixture of light rain and snow developing in the afternoon. High around 45F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precip 30%.
Thursday (24 hours): Late day rain and snow showers. Highs in the mid 40s and lows in the upper 30s.
Friday (24 hours): Snow showers. Highs in the low 40s and lows in the upper 30s.
Saturday (24 hours): Mostly cloudy and windy with snow showers. Highs in the upper 30s and lows in the low 30s.


PENNSYLVANIA, OHIO HOLDING JOINT PUBLIC MEETING ON PROPOSED PYMATUNING HORSEPOWER LIMIT CHANGE JAMESTOWN, Crawford County (Oct. 28, 2002) -- A joint public meeting to address a proposed change in the outboard motor horsepower limit on Pymatuning Lake has been planned by Pennsylvania and Ohio conservation agencies, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) announced today. The meeting will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 21, at Pymatuning Valley Primary School, 191 West Main Street (Route 6), in Andover, Ohio. Residents of both states are invited to attend and comment on proposed horsepower limits changes on Pymatuning Lake. The lake is located in both Ashtabula County, Ohio, and Crawford County, Pa. Presently, an agreement between the two states prohibits use of boat motors larger than 10 horsepower. Pennsylvania this past spring embarked on a pilot program that increased horsepower limits from 10 to 18 at six state parks. They are: Lake Marburg, Codorus State Park, York County; Lake Wilhelm, Maurice K. Goddard State Park, Mercer County; Lake Arthur, Moraine State Park, Butler County; Lake Nockamixon, Nockamixon State Park, Bucks County; Glendale Lake, Prince Gallitzin State Park, Cambria County; and Yellow Creek Lake, Yellow Creek State Park, Indiana County. With the exception of Yellow Creek, all lakes involved in Pennsylvania’s pilot program are larger than 1,000 acres. At Pymatuning Lake, officials from both states now are considering an increase in horsepower limits above 10 horsepower. The purpose of any increase in horsepower would be to improve safety for boaters traveling the lake during stormy weather or windy conditions. There is no interest in changing the character of the recreational experience at Pymatuning by allowing high horsepower boats. Boaters are reminded that should horsepower changes be recommended and approved by both states, the effective date would not occur prior to joint action by both Ohio and Pennsylvania legislators. In the meantime, the 10 horsepower maximum limit would remain in effect. Both Ohio and Pennsylvania are requesting public comment on the proposed horsepower increase. Persons wishing to express views in favor or against any change are invited attend the meeting, or submit written comments, no later than Nov. 29, to: Pymatuning State Park, Attn: Horsepower Limits, 2660 Williamsfield Road, Jamestown, PA 16134. For more information on boating and other features at Pennsylvania's state parks, call 1-888-PA-PARKS; or visit DCNR's web site through the PA PowerPort at www.state.pa.us, PA Keyword: “state parks.” For details on boating regulations, safety classes, public access areas and registering watercraft, visit the Fish and Boat Commission's web site at www.fish.state.pa.us.

Pymatuning Lake- With the onset of cold weather this week and snow today the Walleye fishing has started to pick up again. Several boaters could be seen fishing the south end down by the dam and they are reportedly having luck. Bait of choice seems to be minnies drifting but I have also heard good results are being had using sonar's and hot-n-tots. Average sizes seem to be between 16" and 20". Don't expect the number of fish that you would get in the spring time but the fish are still there to be had if you can spend the time and go after them.
Conneaut Lake- Not much activity to be seen here this week as a matter of fact in a weeks time I have only seen one boat out there fishing, and I didn't get a chance to find out if they were doing any good. Definitely a good time to come try this lake now that the recreational boating is pretty much over for the year. If you do any good let me know so I can include you in future reports.

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