WCO Report for Erie and Crawford County 09/18/02: Erie area, PA,
WCO Report Posted: September 18, 2002

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Posted by WCO John Bowser on September 18, 2002 at 05:48:27:

WESTERN ERIE COUNTY / WCO John Bowser & DWCO Randy Leighton


The restrooms in the information Center are currently closed due to a sewer line problem. They should be functional again by early next week. The contractor for the portable toilets has been contacted to perform additional pump outs to accommodate the heavier use.

The recent high water has deposited debris at the exit from the boat basin and the end of the East Jetty near the creek mouth. Boaters should trim up the outdrives as much as possible and exercise caution exiting straight out into the lake.

Patrols have noted that very few boaters (approx. 20%) are sounding their horns to alert wall anglers of their approach. Horns should be sounded in adequate time to permit anglers to retrieve their lines. While not a legal requirement it is one of common courtesy. This still does not excuse anglers permitting their lines to interfere with boat traffic which carries a $50.00 fine per violation. Wall anglers should, if fishing the North Jetty, pay extra attention to the boating traffic.

Overnight camping is prohibited at Walnut Creek. The erecting or detaching of popup campers from vehicles is forbidden as well as the erection of awnings or placement of tables, & chairs around a motor home parked in the lot.

The stop sign at the entrance to Walnut Access is still being ignored by many people despite publicized warnings in the media. Strict enforcement will continue in an effort to avert a car/pedestrian accident.

High water can be dangerous to those wading in it. I realize the level of excitement that these fish can create in anglers but please be safe.

The parking area west of the information center on the lake front is restricted to slipholders of the marina and vehicles with handicap placards. Other vehicles without a slipholder pass are subject to a fine.

The use of profanity along the wall is a violation of the "Disorderly Conduct" section of the Crimes Code and will be addressed with enforcement action. Fishing is a family sport and inappropriate behavior WILL NOT be tolerated.

Boaters should be wary of floating logs in the lake from the recent rain storms. Many logs & trees were observed rushing down the tribs toward the lake by officers out on patrol.

The 5" plus of rain this past weekend swelled the tribs enough to get the Steelhead season off to a great start. A good numbers of fish are in the Manchester hole and up to Rt. 5. Fish are also scattered throughout out the Project waters and throughout the channel. Fish are also up to at least the bend by the Access area at Elk Creek. The Walnut Access Area was jammed on Tuesday of this week with anglers weighing in a fair number of fish. Fish are also being caught at mouth of Elk Creek in the "Mudhole" area as well as along the Lake Shore at Trout and Godfrey Runs. All the local news stations were on hand through out the day on Tuesday to capture the fishing frenzy. Additional rain and cooler temperatures will be necessary to keep the fish in the tribs but for now they are here and the fun has started. With the tribs being heavily stained by the recent rain, anglers have been successful with the powerbaits and micro jigs. The tribs should be pretty clear by the weekend based on the long term weather forecast

Perch continue with record catches. Boaters hitting the school due North of Walnut had 3 anglers limiting out in 90 minutes.

Law enforcement:
Along with the crowds of Steelhead season comes the necessity for a heightened law enforcement. Lake Erie and it's tribs have unique regulations that do not apply in other areas of the state. Anglers, especially those coming from out of town are encouraged to read the applicable regulations to the particular area they wish to fish. Anglers are reminded that fishing along the lake shore within 50 yards of the mouths of Trout and Godfrey funs is not permitted between the hours of 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM. The daily creel limit for trout on the tribs and the lake is 3 fish with a minimum length of 15." This means that any combination of Steelhead, brown trout, or lake trout is acceptable as long as no more than 2 are Lake trout. Snagging, keeping foul hooked fish, or using any other devices other then a conventional rod, reel, and hook combination are not permitted and will be strictly enforced. Violators are subject to review for revocation of fishing privileges. Illegal disposition of any fish is prohibited and was a common problem along the lake shore at Trout Run last year. A fish that is caught, cut open for its eggs and than discarded falls under this category and also can result in an additional fines for littering.

Weather Forecast:
Sep 18 Mostly Cloudy 82°/66° 10 %
Sep 19 Partly Cloudy 81°/66° 20 %
Sep 20 Scattered T-Storms 79°/58° 40 %
Sep 21 Mostly Sunny 77°/60° 10 %
Sep 22 Partly Cloudy 75°/57° 30 %
Sep 23 Mostly Cloudy 74°/58° 20 %
Sep 24 Mostly Cloudy 75°/56° 10 %


Conversations with the North East Township Offices reveal this project to be moving along. At present, that land on the West side of Twentymile has been acquired; however, negotiations regarding that property situated along the stream’s eastern side are not yet finalized.

In an effort to divert parking from along the State Route 5 roadway, a parking area is to be constructed, by PF&BC personnel, immediately to the north of SR5, on that western property already acquired. Gates will be installed at the North end of the parking area, thereby prohibiting vehicular traffic from access to the lakeshore area; however, this area will still be available for walk-in recreational use.

NOTE: Section 2501, of the Fish & Boat Code, prohibits the use of property in a manner not in conformity with landowner permission (e.g.: driving on lands without permission, blocking egress/regress/ingress, open fires, destruction of property, etc.). Users of the property shall take notice of those posted regulations, both now and future, so as to avoid violations in this area.

Efforts to maintain a free-flowing and unobstructed mouth, along Twentymile, are presently being undertaken by North East Township personnel. This practice was utilized in the past by individual landowners’, primarily to avert residential flooding during the spring, as a result of ice buildup in that area. North East Township supervisors are, presently, in consultation with DEP, PF&BC, Erie County Health Department and Erie County Soil Conservation District personnel regarding regulated environmental practices necessary for the completion of this endeavor.
More information will follow as it is received…. Thanks!!

As of Saturday, 09-14-02, Steelhead, as well as a few anglers, were present at the mouth of Twentymile Creek. The rains we received on Sunday the 15th should certainly boost not only the activity but their numbers as well.

Perch—McCord’s Point through the W’s in 53’ of water

Walleye—Due north of North East Marina in 85’ through 105’ of water

Smallmouth Bass—Along the entire eastern lakeshore in 25’ through 40’ of water

Pymatuning lake-The water is about 3 feet below normal pool right now so it is making for difficult boating if you don't know where you are going. The good news is I have seen Walleye being caught after dark down off the dam from shore fishermen on rappallas. The key seems to be to wait till after dark when the water starts cooling down. Water temps are still up there during the day right now but hopefully that will change when we start getting colder nights. Jamestown/Turnersville boat access is open once again and what a great job they did. The dock is much nicer and easier to get in and out of your boat and they now have more ramp, I believe three wide. Stop in and let the park know what you think they appreciate good news once and a while.

Conneaut Lake-The white bass are feeding in schools and guys are having really good luck targeting them. I heard from one fisherman this week that if you watch the gulls and see were they are diving for the bait fish that is where you want to be. Just cast under them with something shiny that resembles a minnow and you will have luck. Perch, Crappie and Bluegills are also going crazy right now with several of the fishermen that I checked over the weekend telling me they could only stay out for about an hour before they limited out.

Pymatuning Waterfowl Expo is coming the 28th and 29th of this month, if you are looking for something to do with the family you should consider this, there will be retriever demonstrations, open houses at the wildlife learning center and our hatchery, and all kinds of hunting exhibits at Linesville high school. A very good time will be had by all.

Finally I apologize for not being able to get into my E-mail last week to do a report and I was extremely shocked by the number of people that stopped me, or sent E-mails over the last week and mentioned they missed my report. I was really glad to see that this is being read by so many people,

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