WCO Report for Erie and Crawford County 07/31/02: Erie area, PA,
WCO Report Posted: July 31, 2002

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Posted by WCO John Bowser on July 31, 2002 at 05:27:07:

Western Erie County / WCO John Bowser

Crooked Creek Stream Improvement Project :
Project Date: Saturday, August 3
Start Time: 8:00 a.m.
End Time: When completed; however, all work that is started must be finished on August 3
Location: John Knox property, on Crooked Creek between Routes 5 and 20; specifically on Happy Valley Road just south of its intersection with Lucas Road. This is just north of where Crooked Creek passes under the Conrail tracks. To get to the site from Route 5, turn south on Happy Valley Road and go about 1 mile until you get to the creek, and the project is right there. To get to the site from Route 20, turn north on Townline Road. Take the first left onto Lucas Road. Take Lucas Road to Happy Valley Road. Turn left on Happy Valley Road, go over the creek and the project is right there.

What we are doing: Constructing three (3) “three log deflectors” 20’ in length, and three (3) “three log deflectors” 25’ in length, and placing boulders and stones. If we do not have the manpower, we will build only the three (3) “three log deflectors” 20’ in length and build the other structures next year.

What is needed:
· People willing to work (including shoveling, moving rock, etc.)
· 9 logs 20’ in length and 8” to 12” in diameter, preferably green hemlock
· 9 logs 25’ in length and 8” to 12” in diameter, preferably green hemlock
· At least one tri-axle load of stone, football size or larger
· Rental of a backhoe (preferably an extend-a-hoe) (at the site at 9:00 a.m.; this has been reserved)
· Someone to operate the backhoe
· Picnic food and drinks for the workers (this is arranged)
· Someone to cook the food (and a grill if we are grilling hotdogs and hamburgers)

Contact Persons:

Dave Keller – PA Fish and Boat Commission
Email: dakeller@state.pa.us
Phone: 814-359-5158

Gary Heibel – Steelhead Club President at Poor Richards Tackle
Email: poorrichards@adelphia.net
Phone: 474-5623

Dan Pastore – Steelhead Club Coordinator at FishUSA.com
Email: dan@FishUSA.com
Phone: 836-0924 (home) and 835-3600 (work)

Eric Lyle – NW Chapter of TU (graciously assisting the Steelhead Club)
Email: elyle@adelphia.net
Phone: 838-9512 (home)

Interesting Links:
Click here: Online Conversion - Fun and Interesting Conversions

Click here: Microsoft TerraServer Image Page

The PFBC offers this checklist for boat anglers:
Life jackets (Wear it!)
Sound-producing device (Athletic whistle or air horn)
Fire extinguishers
Visual distress signals
Navigation lights
Oars or paddles
Anchor and line
Marine radio and/or cell phone
Depth/fish finder
Boating maps or charts
Extra line
Extra gas can
First aid kit
Small tool box for engine repair
Sunscreen and sunglasses (wear a hat)

Fishing Conditions:
This is the hardest time I ever had with this section... one boat brought in a limit of walleye and said they were in 90' of water. (guessing I would say they must have been about 20 miles out of Walnut at a 030 heading on the compass)
Yellow Perch are a bit spotty after the storm but 50' of water off of Trout Run is still probably the best bet to start fishing.
Steelhead were picked up with "Stingers" straight off of Elk heading north through the trench and up onto the "hump".
Unless you are strictly hunting for meat ... just enjoy the day & the challenge of finding them.


Weather Forecast:
Wednesday: A few clouds from time to time. High 86F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph.
Wednesday night: A few clouds from time to time. Low 69F. Winds light and variable.
Thursday: Partly cloudy skies. High near 90F. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 mph.
Thursday (24 hours): Partly cloudy. Highs in the low 90s and lows in the upper 60s.
Friday (24 hours): Partial sunshine. Highs in the mid 80s and lows in the mid 60s.
Saturday (24 hours): Partly cloudy. Highs in the low 80s and lows in the low 60s.

CelebrateErie set to splash this summer
This summer, where will you find Greek gastronomy; shadows of tutus; bowling balls big as Buicks; synchronized street dancing; fast and fleet Gaelic feet; Chiquitita, Fernando and Waterloo; massive marionettes; kids canvassing cans in color; and masterpieces under your mosey? CelebrateErie. Over the weekend of August 16-18, you'll want to watch where you walk, as Erie's downtown will be spilling out its doors. CelebrateErie, our region's freshest summer event, will take us back to our roots, rejoice in the riches of today, and boast strong steps into the future. "With nine committees, a core group of 16 and countless others lending a hand, this event is entirely volunteer-driven," said Mayor Rick Filippi. "It will highlight more facets of our community than any other event has attempted before.
"Programming will include:
Visual, performing and literary arts;
The best of Erie's culinary offerings;
A broad range of children's activities;
Exhibits hosted by a variety of our ethnic neighborhoods;
And much more. Offering a new name, a bright logo and a strong local focus, CelebrateErie will kickoff with a Friday night concert, light up the sky with fireworks on Saturday evening and continue through late Sunday afternoon. Headlining Saturday's concert will be UK-based ABBA tribute band Björn Again (www.bjornagain.com), the music of which is enjoying a surge in popularity with the worldwide, multi-city run of Broadway musical "Mamma Mia," based upon the music of ABBA."We're setting the bar high with the initial CelebrateErie," said Filippi, "and we're going to keep it there."
The skies above Erie will be transformed into a brilliant tapestry of light, color and sound to mark Erie's first annual CelebrateErie festival. Zambelli Internationale will create the spectacular fireworks show. The fireworks, sponsored by Star 104, Rocket 101, The Western Pennsylvania Port Authority and the Technology Council of NWPA begin at 11:15 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 17 from Dobbins Landing.

(814) 796-1378 [office]
(814) 673-4650 [cell]

Fishing Update
Unfortunately, due to fickle East & Northeast winds as well as rough lake conditions and cooler lake temperatures, catches have been slow in coming since about Tuesday of last week. As the weather and lake conditions begin to improve we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Congratulations go out to the team of Dave Adams & Tom Love, who were the winners of the Western Pennsylvania Anglers Association tournament, conducted this last Sunday (07-28-02) out of North East Access.
A total of 21 boats, with two man teams, participated in the permitted event; and these fellows took first prize winnings of $1,000.00 with their catch of a 21# Walleye.
In addition, and perhaps of greater report, the personnel of North East Marine Services stated that, upon completion of the tournament, the Western Pennsylvania Anglers Association did a remarkable job of policing-up after themselves. So, a special thanks goes out to the group from not only NEMS but from me as well!! Good work folks!!

Reservoir users are again reminded to take extra precautions with personal belongings that remain in your vehicle while at this impoundment, as from time to time we are still experiencing thefts from inside locked vehicles. Users are requested to keep an eye out for any suspicious persons or vehicles. Please report descriptions of suspicious persons and/or vehicles, especially plate numbers, to either of the numbers listed above. Upon receipt, I will forward information to PSP, as both agencies are working towards nabbing those responsible.

Additionally, during the night of 07-24-2002, sometime after 10:00 PM, individuals destroyed and burned a picnic table that was located adjacent to the launch ramp at the East Access (Stateline Road). Anyone with information is encouraged to contact this office.

Finally, as of late, we have been receiving numerous reports regarding vandalism of signs, litter, open fires and unauthorized ATV usage at this impoundment. It is requested that you assist us in keeping these unwanted and unlawful elements at a minimum by contacting us with any violations you may notice. Either of the numbers listed above are available for your use and, in addition, you may also call Walnut Creek Access at (814) 833-2464.

BROKENSTRAW CREEK (little known facts)
. Spans two states (Pennsylvania & New York)

· Includes three counties (Warren, Erie & Chautauqua)

· 313 square mile drainage area

· Average daily discharge is 385 million gallons per day

· Average water temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit

· Average pH is 7.9

· Average dissolved oxygen is 11.7 mg/l


Just this evening (07-29-02), at Lake LeBoeuf, I had the pleasure of meeting three gentlemen from the U.K. who said that they had made the journey of 3,000 miles to the States specifically to fish for Carp; which, as some may know, is a very sought after prize over there.

As my wife and I were fortunate enough to have visited Scotland and Ireland on our honeymoon (ya know… come to think of it, I’m still paying for that trip!?!?) we talked briefly of the countryside and various local points of interest. During our conversation, they said how delighted they were at the insignificant cost to them of acquiring a Non-Resident Fishing License and the seemingly endless places they were allowed to fish-- at no additional cost. “You folks in the States just don’t know how lucky you are”, one stated. “I could get over five years worth of your Non-Resident licenses, for what it would cost for just one day at one pond, to catch Carp, in the U.K.”!!

‘Nuff said… so, the next time you begin to question whether the price of admission is worth the game time you get, let the words of these gentlemen remind you of how fortunate we all are when it comes to the availability and the truly insignificant personal expense required for the privilege of indulging in Pennsylvania’s great out-of-doors.

Western Crawford County / WCO Joe Russell
Pymatuning Lake-The lake is still pretty warm right now with temps in the low 80's so fishing is still real slow. I have had reports that some anglers are picking up walleye trolling "hot-n-tots" at the 14' to 16' depth at the south end of the lake but after checking numerous boats I have not seen any fish besides Bass and Bluegills. That's not to say they are not catching them I just haven't seen them. If you are going to have any luck at all you are definitely going to have to go deep. Jamestown/ Turnersville boat ramp is closed as of yesterday the 29th of July and will remain closed for repairs for the next 6 to 8 weeks. The good news is Manning boat ramp is almost done and should be opening soon.

Conneaut Lake- Bass and Bluegills are still doing well here and are being caught regularly. work the back bays and weed beds for the most luck and go with lighter tackle for the Bluegills to have the most success. Early morning or late at night is still your best time do to boat traffic so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

Chuck Murray, Fisheries Biologist / Lake Erie Research Unit

(excerpts in response to an email inquiry on Pink & King Salmon)
The PFBC stocked king salmon (chinook) in 1992 only. 3-C-U cooperative fish hatchery stocked king salmon in 1987 and 1990-1995 (averaged 100,000/year).

The habitat and forage in Lake Erie were determined to be very limited for kings, and the effort to provide a quality fishery was never realized. A similar scenario emerged with the Coho salmon fishery. We still stock Coho, but in a very limited capacity. King salmon have been reproducing naturally in the Ontario streams to Lake Erie, so they are caught from time to time by anglers on Lake Erie.

Pink salmon do appear from time to time in Pennsylvania waters, so you do have a chance to catch one. The pinks entered the Great Lakes by way of an "accidental" planting in Lake Superior in 1956. Since that time, they have spread to all the other Great Lakes and are recognized as a naturalized species. No agencies on the Great Lakes stock pink salmon. A summary on the origin and occurrence of this species can be found at these two sites:

Steelhead have proven to be the best suited pacific salmon for the relatively shallow waters of Lake Erie. They remain the only species stocked by all agencies (Ohio, New York, Michigan, Ontario and Pennsylvania) on Lake Erie. They are providing a year round fishery to both boat and shore (stream) anglers, are successfully reproducing in a number of Lake Erie streams, and seem to have adapted well to the present fish community of Lake Erie.

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