WCO Report for Erie and Crawford County 07/17/02: Erie area, PA,
WCO Report Posted: July 17, 2002

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Posted by WCO John Bowser on July 17, 2002 at 08:19:48:

Western Erie County ... DWCO Randy Leighton
Perch and Walleye fishing have been a little sporadic for the last week but should be back to normal by this weekend. The recent water turnover last week left surface temperatures in the 50s and pushed the warmer surface waters to the bottom. This phenomena normally happens earlier in the spring and caught many swimmers and anglers off guard. The hot weather we have had in the last few days has brought surface temperatures closer to normal.

Perch have been best targeted northeast of the light house on Presque Isle and north west of Walnut Creek in 45 - 50' of water. Good Walleye action has been reported in 60 to 65' of water north of the light house and along the South edge of the first trench west of the Walnut Creek Access Area.

Local tip:
Can't promise this works, but several local perch anglers swear that a white trout worm (yes the kind seen on the tribs during Steelhead season) cut in half will make and excellent substitute for a live shiner on a perch rig. It also eliminates constantly rebaiting the hooks.

Sea Sickness:
It seems that for every charter that leaves for a day of fishing, one returns to the dock with somebody looking pale and nauseous .. often spoiling a good day of fishing. Sea Sickness affects people in different degrees of intensity with some folks never being bothered only to laugh at their chumming buddies in all their misery. Sea sickness is caused by a constant rocking or swaying motion that affects the small organs in the inner ears. These constant hypnotic like motions will send signals to the brain causing dizziness, headaches and of course nausea. Inactivity on the boat and fixing ones eyes on a close object can intensify the problem. (not to mention downing that morning submarine sandwich with extra peppers)

There are several remedies whose results can be debatable but do work for many folks. Over the counter medications for motion sickness can be helpful. In most cases these should be taken the night or morning before the outing. They are of little help after one becomes sick. Prescription patches are available through your doctor for severe problems.

Stay above deck in the fresh air and try to stay busy to keep the mind occupied. Look at the horizon rather than focusing on the deck taking deep breaths and drinking water as needed. Wristbands, and eating crackers or pretzels are old wives cures that work for many people. One of the oldest cures is ginger most easily taking by drinking ginger ale in small sips. If you are already sick and a long way from shore, try lying on your back on deck with your eyes closed. And remember as a courtesy to the captain, always try to heave overboard.

WCO MARK T. KERR— (814) 796-1378 [OFFICE] & (814) 673-4650 [CELL PHONE]

WALLEYE & STEELHEAD: Both are being taken due north & North-North-East of North East Marina in 105 through 130 feet of water. Walleye seem to be located in the upper-30 feet and Steelhead are approximately 45 through 50 feet down.
Anglers are doing well on black/purple worm harnesses with ‘crawlers’, purple ‘Crystalina’ Plugs- fished 130’ back with purple ‘divers’.

LAKE TROUT: Throughout East County waters in approximately 130’ of water and fished at a depth of 75’ down.

SMALLMOUTH BASS: Contacts & reports indicate that the Smallmouth action has exploded in that area from approximately Twelvemile through North East Marina and within ½ mile from shore.

PERCH: They're still present within East County; however, the activity has begun to drop-off. Anglers may wish to try their luck in that area immediately surrounding North East Marina and, additionally, from Eightmile (Shade’s Beach) east towards Fourmile & in the general location of the ‘cribs’.

LAKE STRATIFICATION: At present, East County lake stratification appears to be setting in at 48 to 53 feet. Take it for what it's worth and use it to whatever advantage you can.

Western Crawford County ... WCO Joe Russell
Pymatuning Lake-The lake continues to warm up this week with hot sunny days and no rain in sight, the water temp is ranging from high 70's to low 80's. This is unfortunate for walleye fishermen however the Carp fishing has become fantastic. Just about any where on the lake if you have a dough ball you can find a carp, especially around the spillway area. Bullheads and Channel cats are also picking up with a lot being caught from the handicap pier on the north end of the lake near Linesville marina. The key to fishing these guys are very late at night and using a good bait (chicken livers seem to be a favorite). Bass and Bluegill are still being caught around the lake at just about any place you find shore line structure, the best time being early in the morning or late in the day. Manning boat ramp is also currently closed and under construction so if that is you ramp of choice you will need to make other plans. They should be done in 5 to 7 weeks and will then be moving to Jamestown to do upgrades there.
Conneaut Lake- Bass are hitting well here also with largemouth's and Smallmouth being taken around most of the docks. and some have been getting lucky fishing the edges of the weed beds at the north end of the lake near our access ramp. A large rubber worm or lizard seems to be working well fished with a weight in front of it will work really well. I am told that a slow retrieval and allowing it to sink to the deeper water where the fish are seem to be the key. Early morning and late evening are also the key to having any luck here at all. White bass have been hitting well this last week also so you may hook into one of them as well. Bowfin are starting to pick up again as well with a few fishermen telling me they caught them, just remember they need to be immediately released to the water unharmed. They are a candidate species in Pennsylvania for the Threatened and Endangered Species List and need to be protected.

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