Trolling for Trout: Walnut Creek, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: October 13, 2014

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Posted by Fisher of Men on October 13, 2014 at 12:35:12:

Boating out of Walnut
Time Observed: October 10, 11,12
Water Conditions: flat to 3ft

Trolled in front of Walnut and Trout 3 days.
Pickup 16 trout, 4 were browns the rest all steelies. Missed about that many.

Used blakemores, reefrunners and jr thunderticks. red/black, red/yellow, black. 30ft back. most caught in 8ft. speed 1.4-2.0.

A lot of fish being caught on shore of trout. Sunday one fellow told me he landed 30 and more than that in misses. kept 3.

I apologize to the guy in kayak I got too close to. throttle cable broke on small engine and hydralics on large failed. Done for Season.

thanks to all the fishermen who shared info.

Be Safe on the water.

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