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Fishing Report Posted: December 15, 2012

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Posted by Sherry on December 15, 2012 at 13:07:55:


Here are a couple pictures of what Trout Run looks like.

Abundance of steelies are stacked up in Trout Run. PFBC has removed many to reduce the number in the past but they load up quickly do to the reduced pool size from the hurricane.

The fishing has been better this year than in the past four years. I have seen a load of fish being caught. Most of them are up in the creeks since we have had no rain for quite a while. Most are being caught at Manchester hole here at Walnut Creek. I have a lot being caught off the wall too.

The water in the creeks is very low and clear as of this writing. The best time for catching is before sunrise and after sunset.

Here is Robert Moore of East Springfield brought in a nice Steelhead. It didnít quite make Angler Award but it was close. He caught it in Elk Creek using Red Fly Nymph.

Shannon Sitter of East Springfield showed off her fish too. She was fishing with Robert Moore in Elk Creek and she used the Red Fly Nymph too.


I will be here Saturday, Sunday December 15 and 16 and then next Friday December 21 to close up. Then the office here at Walnut Creek will be closed for the season. It will reopen on April 6, 2013.

We are selling the Net Permits for next year if you are interested. The only place to get them is at Walnut Creek or at Regional Headquarters in Meadville. They are $10 and you are allowed to keep 200 minnows per day with the permit with the restrictions mentioned on permit.

We also have new this year the 3-year and 5-year license if you are interested. There is a savings of $6.80 for the 3-yr Resident with Combo and $13.60 savings for the 5-yr Resident with Combo.

Here are the fees:

3-yr Resident =$64.70
3-yr Non-Resident = $154.7
3-yr Senior Resident = $31.70
3-yr Lake Erie Permit = $25.70
3-yr Trout/Salmon Stamp = $25.70
3-yr Combo = $43.70

5-yr Resident = $106.70
5-yr Non-Resident = $256.70
5-yr Senior Resident = $51.70
5-yr Lake Erie Permit = $41.70
5-yr Trout/Salmon Stamp = $41.70
5-yr Combo = $71.70

There are NO 3-yr and 5-yr for the 1-day, 3-day and 7-day. The price remains the same as this year.

Also, I have had people ask me about the lifetime. It remains the same too. There is no reason in having a 3-yr or 5-yr for them since they are lifetime once you qualify for them.

Of course if you don't want the 3-yr or 5-yr you can still get the original 1-yr licenses too.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Merry Christmas and a safe prosperous New Year.

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