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Fishing Report Posted: June 29, 2012

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Posted by Sherry on June 29, 2012 at 13:35:03:


Twelve year old Giovanni Latona of Erie, PA brought in a 1 pound 4 ½ ounce Perch. It was 10 inches long and had a girth of 9 ¾ inches. He caught it off Walnut Creek in 44 ft of water. He was using Minnows.

Eight year old Brendan Hanlon of Silver Springs, MD brought in his Angler Award sized Perch. It was 1 pound, 4 ounces and was 13 ½ inches long and had a girth of 10 inches. He was straight out of Walnut in 43 ft of water and he was using Minnows also.

Nine year old Anna Rabickow came in with a 1 pound Perch. It was 12 ¼ inches long and had a girth of 9 inches. She was straight out of Walnut Creek in 40 ft of water. They were using Minnows but she caught hers on a Night Crawler which they occasionally put on.

Most boats seem to be going straight out of Walnut Creek and heading a little east in about 45-50 ft of water. I also was told that if you find the pack go about 1 mile East or West of it. It seems to be better fishing. They were also getting some nice ones in 37 – 45 ft off Trout Run.


Five year old Dominick Shumake of Albion, PA brought in his 7 pound, 2 ounce Walleye for Angler Award. It was 27 ¼ inches long and had a girth of 15 ¾ inches. He was in 62 ft of water between Walnut and Trout Run. He was using Silver worm harness on a big Dipsy.

Finally they started. It took a while but I believe they are finally here. I have had a few boats going out in the past two days and coming in with some nice catches. Some are going in shallow in around 37 – 40 ft of water West of Walnut Creek and then some are going straight out to the South side of the First Trench.


This weekend is supposed to be really nice. We are supposed to be having 2 ft or less for waves all the way up through at least Tuesday. The temperature will be in the mid to hi 80’s and mostly Westerly winds.


For Immediate Release Date: 6.26.12

For more information contact: Keith Edwards,, 814-336-2426

PA Fish & Boat Commission issues boating safety advisory to Walnut Creek boaters and anglers

Meadville, PA – The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission announces that geotechnical drilling operations will be taking place in the Walnut Creek channel area starting Monday, July 9, 2012. Operations are expected to be completed by Tuesday, July 10, 2012.

The marina and boat ramp will be open during drilling. Boaters should proceed with caution when transiting the channel.

The mission of the Fish and Boat Commission is to protect, conserve, and enhance the Commonwealth’s aquatic resources and provide fishing and boating opportunities. For more information about fishing and boating in Pennsylvania, please visit our website at

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