Fishing Report Posted: May 24, 2012

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Posted by Sherry on May 24, 2012 at 12:41:01:


Here are three kids from Rural Valley, Pa. who went out and came in with a nice bunch of Perch.

Fourteen year old Tori Smith brought in a 1 pound 1 ounce Perch. It was 13 Ĺ inches long and had a girth of 9 inches.

Twelve year old Nathan Fulton was next with a 15 Ĺ ounce fish that was 12 inches long and had a 9 inch girth.

Twelve year old Dakota Smith brought his 13 Ĺ ounce fish in also, It was 12 inches and had a girth of 8 Ĺ inches.

They were out in 35 ft of water straight out of Walnut Creek. They were using Emerald Shiners.

Perch are mostly being caught out in 35 to 45 ft of water either off Trout Run or straight out of Walnut Creek. Still a little slow though.


The Walleye are doing well from what I am told at night time. Day time isnít any good just yet. The water temperature at this time (Thursday, May 24, 2012) is 56 degrees. Usually the water has to be around 65 degrees before the boats start bringing them in. I havenít had many reports of any being caught during the day.


When leaving the Marina and entering Walnut Creek there is a sand bar directly in the center of the creek. It is 2 Ĺ ft deep so you will have to stay to the North of the entrance till you get into the Creek. Hopefully it will be taken care of before this weekend.


Donít forget Memorial Day is "Fish For Free" day. The rules and regulations still remain except for the fact you donít need a license.



It's time to come down and take a fresh look at the Wall and the Garden at the Marina.

We are currently doing some work on the garden itself. Planting new flowers, new plants and removing the path which was making mowing difficult is in the works. So, you will see a bit of an updated and new look.

Though we do not have any capstones left to engrave, we still have many pavers on the wall to be engraved as birthday, memorial or anniversary gifts. If you do not know what to give a friend or family member who has everything, think about a paver as a long lasting gift he or she will enjoy for years to come.

The Administration Office is now open, and you may pick up a brochure there in the lobby or get in touch with me. The money from the sale of the pavers goes into an endowment fund at the Erie Community Foundation to pay for upkeep and maintenance of the wall and the garden into perpetuity.

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