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Fishing Report Posted: October 20, 2011

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[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]

Posted by Sherry on October 20, 2011 at 17:30:40:


Eleven year old Breanna Hauser of Erie, Pa came in with a couple nice Perch. They both were over 1 pound each but this one was 1 pound 1 ˝ ounces, 12 ˝ inches long with a girth of 9 ˝ inches. She caught it out in 67 ft of water off Trout Run using Golden Shiners.


The water in Walnut Creek is a pretty good color right now. It has been low and clear but with the rains we had it brought in some fish and stirred up the creek a little.

So far the weather this week has been good for fishing. With all the rain we had this past weekend it brought in a few fish. Most of them are being caught at the Manchester Hole on Walnut Creek. I know Elk Creek has a few in too. The lake has been real rough so there hasn’t been any lake shore fishing to speak of.

I will try to get some stream pictures for next week.


If the weather holds we are aiming for THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD AT 2 PM to open the marina for fishing.


This weekend should be pretty good for fishing in the creek but the lake is supposed to be 8-11 ft waves tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday 4-6 ft waves. Sunday they are supposed to be 2-3 ft but as you all know it changes every 6 hours. Cleveland does an update at: 4 AM and 10 AM / 4 PM and 10 PM. so, it may not be the same tomorrow as it is today.

It is to rain tonight and tomorrow but Saturday and Sunday partly sunny.

[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]