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Fishing Report Posted: September 01, 2011

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Posted by Sherry on September 01, 2011 at 17:57:12:


Eight year old Sophia Chaney of Erie, PA caught this 8 pound 9 ounce Junior Award sized Walleye. It was 30 ¼ inches long and 16 inches was the girth. She caught it out in 73 ft of water NorthEast of Walnut Creek using worm harness. Her color was Watermelon.

Twelve year old Zoe Chaney of Erie, sister of Sophia caught her Junior Award sized fish. It was 9 pound 3 ounces, 30 ¼ inches long and had a girth of 16 inches. She caught hers out in 73 ft. of water also using worm harness but her color was green “Mad Money”.


The Perch are still there straight out of Walnut Creek in 50 ft. of water and if you go either East or West of the pack you can get them there too in 54-56 ft. of water.


I have had quite a few people tell me that they are hearing about Steelhead in the creeks. I walk along the creek here at Walnut Creek just about every day I am here (four days a week) and I have not seen a fish in it. The lake temperature is 75 degrees at this writing and we just had a little rain last night that didn’t do a thing to bring the creek up any. It is still low and clear. I can see the rocks in the bottom. Maybe at night or early morning someone might get a “Scout” but they are few and far in between. When the lake temperature gets to 65 – 70 degrees then you can start looking for them.

It is still too warm (75 degrees). I am getting people getting them out in the trenches though, but just a few. No boats are trolling in front of the creeks yet either. Give it another few weeks.

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