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Fishing Report Posted: June 23, 2011

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Posted by Sherry on June 23, 2011 at 17:16:58:


Thirteen year old Tori Smith of Rural Valley, PA brought in a 14 ounce Perch for her Angler Award. It was 12 ľ inches long and had a girth of 8 inches. She caught it out a little East of Trout Run in 44 ft of water. She was using Golden Shiners.

Not many people coming in with any kind of fish. Walleye and Perch both seem to be very hard to find since the lake turned over. The water has been fluctuating between 67 ft and 53 ft of water for the past two weeks.

Last Wednesday the people were catching limits of Perch and Walleye then the lake turned and I havenít heard of many boats limiting on any fish. Perch are about the only fish people are getting close to limiting on.

The Walleye seem to be going out deeper from where the few being caught are at. I have had a few boats come in with some and where from 12 -13 fish for a boat with three to five guys on board. So, no limits being met. They were going out 7 miles for those.

Fishing should start picking up (if the weather co-operates) in the next week or so. The migration from Ohio hasnít come this way yet according to the biologist. This weekend the lake is supposed to be rough.

Also I have had a couple people ask me about the Bowfin. I was given this site to refer people to who are interested in knowing the status of the Bowfin. The site is: So if you know of anyone who says to Kill and throw away these fish, give them this site. They are on the "Candidate" list.

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