5-28-5-30 fishing report: Erie area, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: May 31, 2011

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Posted by Mac Remacle on May 31, 2011 at 08:35:46:

We went to the mountain north west of NortheEast Marina in search of the Big Lakers. We found them in 48-53 fow although it was very clear that the majority of them have already moved into deeper water we worked our usual program and were rewarded with 10 hookups and 5 large fish landed. Nothing under 12 lbs came into the boat with a very nice 16lb. fighter toping off the day. The water was flat and the fog was on the water. One note is that the fog di lift at one point and the bite slowed. Later in the morning the the fog came back and the bite took off again. I believe the light adjustment for them in the shallow water causes them a visual problem for a time until there eyes adjust.
Went for perch on Sunday and Monday with Monday being the hot day for us. We found the big jumbo's in 18 fow off of the cribs and did 2 trips with the Perch staying on that location all day.
What a great weekend with the water being flat for most of it and the stroms moving through the area at night, leaving the day for great boating.
With the water temp going up quickly and a few Walleye being caught everyday, I expect that they are ready to turn on any minute. Most of the fish caught have been caught in shallow water, this is normal for this time of year and should be a good indicator as to where to look first for these great eating fish.

Good Luck To All
See You on the Water
Captain Mac Remacle
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