Perch Fishig Presque Isle: Erie area, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: May 09, 2011

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Posted by mac remacle on May 09, 2011 at 08:45:58:

We finally got the boat in the water, it seems the winter dragged on for ever. After a shake down cruise on Saturday we loaded up a crew and headed out after some perch. We were quickly scooled that you can't just expect to fill the buckets just by dropping down a line with some bait on it. We tried several different places and found a lot of fish but very few that were interested in our offering. We like everyone else were fishing and not heavily catching. After returing to the dock to clean our catch I found what may be the problem. First at the moment there are so many bait fish in the water that every fish I cleaned had a stuffed belly with shiners. And secondly every female that I cleaned was packed full of roe and almost ready to drop. Give them another week and they will be in the post spawn and the shiners will be moving to deeper water with the temps going up. They will get hungry again very quickly.

We are looking for the Walleye bite to start when the water temps get up another 5-7 degrees. We have found some schools and will go after them very soon. We still have some good dates open so if you are thinking about a trip don't wait until the lat minute and hope your dates are open book today and don't get closed out.

As always see you on the water.
Have a great fihing day.
Captain Mac Remalce
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