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Fishing Report Posted: November 13, 2010

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Posted by Sherry on November 13, 2010 at 17:29:47:


Nine year old Kyrin Wyatt of Windgap, PA brought in his 11 pound 15 ounce steelhead for Angler Award. It was 30 inches long and had a girth of 18 inches. He caught it at the mouth of Elk Creek on a Flatfish Plug. The color was Fire Tiger.

Eleven Year old Gary Taylor III of Hillsville, Pa came in with his nice catch. It was 9 pound 10 ounce, 28 ¾ inches long and had a girth of 16 ½ inches. He caught it in the Manchester Hole on Walnut Creek using a Pink Trout worm.


The Pennsylvania Steelhead Association had their Annual “Learn To Fish” outing on Saturday. They had 17 children show up with their parents. The kids had a good time even though they didn’t catch any fish. They had two winners. They were from left to right, Madeline Welch of Erie, Charlotte Nass and her sister Naomi Nass from Bethel. Madeline won the Reel and Naomi won the rod.
It seems very few of the seasoned fishermen where catching any either. Most of the creeks are very low and clear. We haven't had any significant amount of rain to help entice more fish to come in and to dirty up the water a bit. And it doesn’t seem to be any rain in the next week either.

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