fishing report for 10-8-2010-10-9-2010: Erie area, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: October 11, 2010

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Posted by Captain Mac Remacle on October 11, 2010 at 09:15:17:

Went up Early Friday to check the creeks, Walnut was full of fisherman and there were very few fish to be seen or caught. Stayed for 3 hours and only saw several fish caught. We had a trip scheduled for Saturday and by the time we left the dock the weather came up and blew us 5 footers to try and go on. We opted to stay in the bay for a while and that netted us a big fat nothing. Called it a day and our crew went on to finish there bachleour party. As the day went on the weather reports kept coming that Sunday would be closed to the same as Saturday. We cancelled our Sunday trip only to see the weather be absolutely the opposite of the prediction. I do believe the weather people should have to go outside on a daily basis and really see what the weather is doing. Satuday afternoon went to Walnut,Elk and Trout Run. The same scene was at all of the creeks. Many fisherman and far to few fish to catch. All of the boats that got out Saturday and sunday did good on the fish, which means that they are still staged outside the mouths of the creeks. Those that came in with the last big rain fall have either gone further upstream or back into the lake. If your thinking of a trip it may be best to wait until the rains come again, unless you just want to watch the leaves turn colors. Well We are ofiaclly done for the season and would like to thank all who have fished with us and those who have inquired to Fish. We have published our new Website so if you have time take a look.If you would like to book a date for next year we would be happy to do so. We are looking forward to fishing with you next season, until then tight lines to all.

Captain Mac Remacle
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