Trolling for Steelhead in front of Trout Run: Erie area, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: September 22, 2010

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Posted by Fisher of Men on September 22, 2010 at 11:23:02:

Date Fished: Tuesday September 21, 2010
Location: Trolling in front of Trout Run
Water Conditions: 1ft or less in close

Report: The Steelies are definitely in. Trolled in front of Trout Run from about 7:30-1pm. Landed 3 and had 5 short strikes.

All hits except one were on black plugs mostly Blakemores.

Short strikes came because I forgot to set my planer board releases a bit tighter for better hook set.

Because the waves were bad out deep a lot of boats trolled in front of the streams. I did not hear of anyone limiting out.

There were a few brave souls out deep with the waves averaging 3-5ft. One or two boaters mentioned fishing for perch. Sounded like they were catching some.

Be safe of the water. Blessings

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