9/18/2010 Fishing Report: Erie area, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: September 20, 2010

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Posted by Captain Mac Remacle on September 20, 2010 at 06:25:42:

Saturday went out North from presque Isle to 74 FOW and it got to be bumpy quick. Although we found large numbers of fish they were very picky in their eating habits. we manged only 6 walleyes with quite a few early releases and even a few break offs. The big deal of the day was a 29 1/2" Walleye 9 lb6 oz. with a New York Tag in its mouth. We are going to inquire to NEw York and find out about this fish. I will post it on my report when I get the Info. The Steelies are still scattered throughout the lake and yes they are moving in towards shore.If you find a school the fun is on. The set up for the day was RR with 60' back and a 4 or 5 oz. Trolling sinker and 225 back. Colors seemed not to be an issue. The steelhead seemed to like chartrusse the best with a dark green color coming in second. Captain Bert of the ReelObsession Charters took his 4 year old daughter to walnut on Sunday morning and she caught her first Steelhead. Must be in the Genes. Sunday was a blowout and as I traveled home on 79 I realized that less than 10 miles south the wind was non existent and the was even some fog. Too bad it wasn't the other way around the day could have been great. Well we are still going to try to get out throught end of the season. We will be targeting Walleye and Steelhead together from here on out. If you are interested in a fishing trip we do have some dates open. So give us a call and we will try to set up a trip for you.

Good Luck To All

Captain MAC Remacle
M&M Fishing Charters

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