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Fishing Report Posted: October 02, 2008

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Posted by Sherry on October 02, 2008 at 18:13:58:


Here is something that George Yates from New Castle, his son Jonathan, and a fellow fisherman, Greg Lasko of Erie saw while they were out fishing off Elk Creek about 5 miles out in 70 ft of water. It is a six point buck. Jonathan took the picture with his cell phone but you can make out what it is. Greg was able to turn the deer and head him back to shore. That was the last anything was heard of from the deer.


Here is a picture of the mouth of Walnut Creek after it rained for three days. It was taken today 10/2/2008.

Here is another shot of the creek looking south while I was standing on the north channel wall. Notice the sign that is on the other side of the creek. You will know where this is by recognizing the signs. This sign is straight out of the marina.

And another shot looking north towards the lake. This sign is the one across from the tree on the channel wall.

Here is a shot of the Stop Sign hole. It is where the log is placed in the creek for a falls to clear out the holes.

As you can see the creek is high and muddy from the rain we have been getting the past three days. The fish are in now according to Law Enforcement and from what I saw while walking up. WCO Smolko caught and landed six yesterday and today.

The fish are spread out as far as four to five miles up in the creek.

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