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Fishing Report Posted: August 17, 2008

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Posted by Captain Ron Rusch on August 17, 2008 at 21:58:09:

The last several weeks aboard the “SeaWolf “ has seen some great fishing near shore in 38 feet of water and west of Walnut Creek on the south side of the first trench. Captain Ron uses the human rod holder approach of 100 percent participation all the time. Six human rod holders catching 36 walleye, means we had an awesome time. Many anglers hate to put their rod in a manufactured holder and eat lunch. They just don’t want to miss the bite.

Two human rod holders catching their own 12 walleye brings smiling faces.

The action has been hot way west in 60 to 72 feet of water with some large 10 pound walleye making the cooler.

Holding the rod in your hand while drifting and a 10 pounder hits brings excitement and a battle. Fighting a large walleye from the bottom on light tackle is awesome. Walleye fight a lot more than people think. Just go super slow and give it a try. A lot of time these ten pounders return to the bottom several times before the fight is over and netted.

Big walleye always brings smiling faces.

August 14th brought four human rod holders from New Jersey their limit of 24 walleye aboard “SeaWolf II”

“SeaWolf III" the same day also enjoyed the same results of 24 walleye around 270 in 63 feet of water. All the fish were caught with worm harnesses fished on or near the bottom with rod in hand. Best color was fire tiger. Captain Ron uses NO Downriggers, NO Dipsey divers, NO Jet divers NO Wire line out 200 plus feet. Just Hands-ON fishin Fun!!

Tight Lines Captain Ron

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