Perfect Day for Fishing: Walnut Creek Erie, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: October 22, 207

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Posted by Fisher of Men George Yates on October 22, 207 at 20:17:09:

Date Fished: Monday October 22, 2007
Location: Boating out of Walnut
Water Conditions: 1-2 ft

Report: Near perfect day for fishing Steelhead - whether onshore or in a boat. Started at daybreak in front of Trout Run. 6-8 ft. Had 2 limits by 10:30. Jr Thundersticks and shallow Reef Runners 25ft back. 2.3 mph. Blakemore 35 ft back. Red/Black, Fire Tiger, Red/silver.

Had to go deeper to get the last 3. Finished by 12:30

Pulled the boat today. Thanks to all the kind fisherman and boaters this season. Thanks to for providing this great website. Lord willing we will see ya in the spring.

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