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Fishing Report Posted: October 20, 2007

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Posted by Sherry on October 20, 2007 at 14:44:46:


Nine year old Jacob Manley of Frederick, Maryland came in with a nice 7 pound 5 ounce Steelhead. It was his first big fish. It was 25 ¼ inches long. He caught it at Trout Run fishing the lake. It was caught using a “Blood Dot” and artificial egg.

Fifteen year old Jeremy Cummins of Claysville, PA brought in this 7 pound 9 ½ ounce Steelhead. It was 26 ½ inches long and had a girth of 16 inches. He caught it trolling in front of Walnut Creek on a Blueberry Muffin stinger.

Scott Dowlan of Shippenville, PA casting into the Lake at Walnut Creek caught this nice 9 pound 5 ½ ounce Steel head. It was 28 ¼ inches long and had a girth of 17 ¼ inches. He caught it on Power Bait and the color was green.

Six year old Noah Bloom of Clearfield, PA brought in his first Steelhead. It was 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 27 inches long with a girth of 16 inches. He caught it up in the creek just south of the channel at Walnut Creek on a white jig tipped with minnow.

We haven’t had any rain for quite a while so the water is low and clear. The fish are coming in but they can’t make it up into the creek so they are stalled from Rt. 5 down. The fishing is good down this way if you can catch them coming or trying to make it back out to the lake. We haven’t had any rain worth mentioning in about 5 weeks. What drizzle we get, gets soaked up into the ground. The lake has not been very good either with high waves. So, the best place to fish is near the mouth of the creeks up to Rt. 5 until we get some rain. There are quite a few people catching at Elk Creek also.

The favorite bait seems to be green power bait and the single egg.


The Marina will be open Tentatively on November 8 at 2 PM ONLY if the docks are all out. If the docks aren’t out it will be posted in the building. You can also call our office at 814-899-2464.

The Weather for the next week:

Sunday – Sunny - Hi: 78 degrees – S/14k/2-4 ft waves.
Monday – Sunny – Hi: 75 degrees – S/13k/1-2 ft waves.
Tuesday – 50 % chance of showers – Hi: 67 degrees – SW/5-15k/1-2 ft waves.
Wednesday – Cloudy – Hi: 59 degrees – NW/10-15k/1-3 ft waves.
Thursday – Mostly sunny – Hi: 58 degrees
Friday – 30 % chance of showers – Hi: 61 degrees

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