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Fishing Report Posted: September 01, 2007

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Posted by Sherry on September 01, 2007 at 16:13:02:


Well, this week there are no pictures. I can only tell you that the Walleye were hard to find the first part of the week and then yesterday they seemed to come back. They are in 60-70 ft of water between Elk Creek and Trout Run. Today (Saturday) the guys were coming in limited but the water picked up and just about everyone got blown off the water.


The Perch were doing well when the Walleye weren't biting. They were being caught in 50-60 ft of water straight out of Walnut Creek and also a little area in front of Trout Run in 40 ft of water.


I heard rumors that someone is telling people that the Steelhead are in. I work here four days- 40 hours out of the week and I have yet to see anyone catch a Steel head unless they brought it in off the lake while Walleyeing. I have heard the boats picking them up out in the trenches but I have not heard of one getting caught anywhere near shore. The thing to look for is the water temperature to get to around 65 degrees and if the boats start trolling in front of the creeks that is a sign that the fish are staging. The water temperature at this writing is 73 degrees and we are not scheduled for any cold weather or rain for at least another week if not longer. The coming week we are to have 80 degree temperatures so I don't see the water coming down real soon. I usually tell the fishermen that the best time for Steel head (if you are planning your vacation around catching them) is the middle of October and into November. Then they are usually in the creeks and we also open up the Marina for fishing the second week in November. This is my observation after having been here for ten years.

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