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Fishing Report Posted: June 23, 2007

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Posted by Sherry on June 23, 2007 at 16:33:57:


Twelve year old Matthew Meeker of Long Beach, MS. caught his first fish. He caught this steelhead on a spoon, northeast of Walnut Creek in 50 ft of water on a Pink, silver, and blue spoon. It was 6 pounds and 6 ounces and was 27 ½ inches long.

Here is six year old Cameron Hutchinson of Lawrence Park, PA (who also happens to be my grandson) with a small steelhead. It was caught in Walnut Creek on worm. It was 9 ½ inches long. He put it back but he was real proud of it. It was his first steelhead.


Nine year old Michael Goss of Aliquippa, PA brought this 7 pound 7 ounce Walleye in for Junior Angler Award. It was 30 inches long and had a girth of 15 ½ inches. He caught it in 52 ft of water west of Walnut between here and Elk Creek. It was caught on a worm harness with the color being watermelon.

Ten year old Shane Yarder came in with this Walleye for weighing. It was 9 pounds and was 30 ½ inches long. The girth was 16 ¼ inches. It was caught on a worm harness in 53 ft of water west of Walnut. Their color was Chartreuse.

Jonathan Hershey, ten years old from Saltillo, PA brought in this Walleye for Angler Award. It was 8 pound 5 ½ ounce, 28 ¾ inches long and with a girth of 15 ½ inches. They caught it in 21 ft of water west of Walnut Creek on a worm. Green was his color.

Here is a family photo. Nine year old Tom, ten year old Nick and seven year old Luke Soboleski came in these Walleye for Angler Award. Tom’s fish was 7 lb 12 ¾ oz., 28 ½ inches long and the girth was 16 inches. Nick’s fish was 7 lb 3 oz., 27 ¾ inches long and a girth of 15 inches. Luke’s fish was 7 lb 10 oz, 27 ¾ inches long and 16 inch girth. They caught them northwest of Walnut in 59 ft. of water using spoons and dipsys. Their color was purple/black and red/white.

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