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Fishing Report Posted: August 03, 2006

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Posted by Sherry on August 03, 2006 at 16:42:47:


Ten year old David Rice from Pittsburgh came in on a boat that limited. They caught 36 fish altogether. They were out in 37 ft of water around 1 mile West of Trout Run. They were all caught on worm harnesses. As
for the colors the captain said there was no special color. They used all different colors and caught fish on them all.

Eleven year old Josh Marks from Harrison City, PA brought this 9 pound 29 1/2 inch Walleye in for a citation. He caught it out in 55 ft of water off
Godfrey Run on a worm harness. Their color was watermelon.

Sue and Daryl from Duncanville, PA came in with this nice one. They caught it out on "Tite Wad" in 62 ft of water North East of Walnut Creek. It was caught on worm harness and their color is black and purple.


Andrew Orris, 8 years old from Wattsburg, came in with this nice Small mouth Bass. It was caught out in 50 ft of water straight North out of Walnut Creek. It weighed in at 5 pound 13 1/2 ounces and was 21 nches.
They were Perch fishing and caught it on a minnow.

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