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Fishing Report Posted: July 27, 2006

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Posted by Sherry on July 27, 2006 at 12:38:49:


The Walleye are just about everywhere according to the fishermen and women.

Tom Fink of Cheswick, PA caught a 31 inch Walleye out in 41 ft of water straight out of Walnut Creek. It was caught on a night crawler harness. His color was Chartreuse.

Nine year old Zach Stiglitz and his 14 yr old brother John from Knox,PA, brought these Walleye in for citation. Zach's was 6 pounds 9 1/2 ounces and John's was 6 pound 10 ounces. They were caught in 62 ft of water straight out of Walnut Creek on worms. Their colors were watermelon.

David Hoopes from Blairsville, PA came in with an 11 pound 11 ounce. It was 31 inches and had a 19 inch girth. Walleye. He caught it out in 62 ft of water east of Walnut Creek on a worm harness. His color
was watermelon.

Trey Childers, nine years old of Hopewell, PA came in with a nice one. He and his crew limited. They were in 40 ft off northeast of Walnut Creek. They were using worm harnesses and their color was watermelon.

Here Trey is with a perch he got a citation for. It weighed 2/3 of a pound and was 11 1/2 inches long.


Rudy Truckley from Curtisville, PA came in with this 5 pound 5 1/2 ounce Small mouth Bass. He caught it on a minnow out in 49 ft of water straight North of Walnut Creek.

I haven't heard too much about the perch. Mostly if they are getting them, they are straight out of Walnut in anywhere from 45-55 ft of water.

Linda Klaric of Hookstown was out with Rudy and they caught their limit of Perch along with the Small mouth. This one is just one of the 60 they caught straight out of Walnut in 49 ft of water.

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