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Fishing Report Posted: June 30, 2006

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Posted by Sherry on June 30, 2006 at 15:56:38:


Ralph (Sea Dator) Jake, and Giles came in with their limit of Perch. They caught them in 49 ft of water straight out of Walnut Creek on shiners.

The perch are slow in being caught but if you find them then you can limit pretty quick. Mostly I am hearing they are out between 49 - 55 ft of
water straight out of Walnut or between Walnut and Trout Run.


Bob Rottet was up with Kelly Sharp (Manager of Walnut Creek) from Harrisburg and wanted to go out fishing. He went out with Bill Caughey(Another Addiction) and they came in with their limit of Walleye at 9:30 AM. They were out in around 38 ft of water between Trout and Godfrey. They used harnesses to catch them. Most everyone was getting their limit or close to it.

The Walleye seem to be just about everywhere, in close that is. I have had a couple people go out to the trenchs and not get very many, so mainly they are in close still in just aobut 35 to 40 ft of water trolling or drifting east to west from Walnut to Godfrey. The color seems to be purple/black or
watermelon harnesses. Plugs and spoons are working also.

Humans are not the only fishing entities around. Jill, Doc Weticks dog, jumped off his boat and went fishing. He got lost and Don Clayton (Fish Connection) found him and brought him in. Jill had a Small Mouth Bass fish in her mouth.


The weather for this weekend doesn't seem to be no good. Saturday they are calling for 1-3 ft waves in the morning but then a chance of showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon. That will kick up the waves and they are supposed to be 4-6 ft on Saturday night and Sunday.


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