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Fishing Report Posted: June 02, 2006

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Posted by Sherry on June 02, 2006 at 15:17:47:


Eight year old David Stratton of Ivel, Kentucky came in with this 3 pound Walleye. He went out with his father and grandfather on Sea Wolf Charters. The fish was caught three miles west of Walnut Creek in 22 ft of water.

The best I have heard of so far is night time fishing. One boat had six the other night. But so far for daytime very, very few if any.


I have only heard of a couple boats getting any Perch. They were out in 32-42 ft of water between Trout Run and Walnut Creek. The boaters say they
had a hard time trying to get them to bite.

Sorry there is no good news about the fish but they just aren't out there the way they usually are yet.


There are a lot of fish laying around the water. They are the Sheepshead. The smaller ones have yellow or orange fins and tail and when the boaters go by them they think they are Perch. They are NOT perch.
The virus (VHS) that is killing the Sheepshead is Lake wide. The biologists know about it and it is only affecting the Sheepshead.


Penn Dot is taking out the bridge on Dutch and Manchester Rd. To get here (Walnut Creek) you will have to take Manchester Rd. Dutch Rd will be
closed around three weeks.


I will start posting my report on Thursdays when the fishing starts to pick up. I know a lot of you like to know what is happening so you know when to
come up here. Well, if you see my posting on Thursday then you know it is picking up. Until then I don't have any news to tell so I put it on Fridays or Saturdays. This gives me a couple days to find out anything to let you know. My week starts on Wednesday.

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