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Fishing Report Posted: April 30, 2006

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Posted by Sherry on April 30, 2006 at 14:45:58:

The docks and slips are in so that means no fishing in the basin.

I have not heard any good reports on fishing. I heard from one boater who went out for Perch and his son caught two. They went straight out of Walnut in 33 ft of water were his son caught one. Then they moved a little west and he caught another one. He was the fisherman today.

A couple boats had some luck with Smallmouth Bass. One guy "Berni" told me he had on seven but he said usually at this time he catches around thirty. He went
east out of Walnut. The other boat (Baldy) told me he had five on. He went west out of Walnut.

When I came into the marina this morning I found my first visitors of the day. They just stood there and didn't move much at all. I got eight pictures off them in all before they took off into the woods. There is more to nature than fish. This just proves that Walnut Creek is an ideal place to visit. Even the wild creatures come to
check out the lake.

p>Next weekend is when the office will be open our regular seasonal hours. Saturday also is the first day of Walleye. Let's
just hope it is a nice day.

See you when you get here. Good fishing.

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