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Fishing Report Posted: October 13, 2005

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Posted by Sherry on October 13, 2005 at 18:29:35:


The Steelhead are still not in the creeks full blown. They are just now starting to stack up in front of Trout, Godfrey, and Elk Creeks. Walnut Creek has a few in the pools but not much elsewhere. The boaters arenít having much luck in front. Here are a few of the lucky ones who caught some nice ones.

Nicolas Bailey from Greenville, PA came in with this male weighing in at 11 pounds 13 Ĺ ounces. He caught it in Walnut Creek at the hole before the Chutes. It was caught on a single egg.

Justin Vidra from Cheswick PA caught this 11 pound 3 ounce male. He caught it on a purple sucker spawn. It was caught above the water falls on Walnut Creek.

Bruce Ankeny of Brookville, PA caught this 9 pound 8 ounce male in Walnut Creek. It is his first Steel head. He was fishing with a grub and it caught an emerald shiner and the shiner caught the Steelhead.

Eleven year old Dakota Hansel from Duncannon, PA caught this 8 pound in Walnut Creek. It also was 26 inches long. He caught it on orange/green/pink (mixed together) Powerbait.


I have not heard of anyone doing any good on the Perch or the Walleye. People are out trying for them but not having much luck. I have heard of a few boaters getting some Perch off the Lighthouse but that is only hearsay and I don't like to report anything unless I see it.

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