Trolling in front of Westside Streams for Steelies: Walnut Creek Erie, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: October 07, 2005

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Posted by George Yates Fisher of Men on October 07, 2005 at 09:26:39:

Thursday October 6, 2005
Water Conditions: 1ft or less in close

Trolled from daybreak until about 11am in front of Elk. Picked up two Steelies. Moved to Godfrey with no results. Moved to Trout Run and picked up 2 more Steelies both while making turns. One just a west of the pig pen and the other east near the shed. We ran mostly 8-12ft in depth. Lines were 40-100 ft back. We had hits on red/black and fire tiger. We used blakemores, jr thundersticks, reef runners. The water was almost 70F when we ended up finishing at about 7pm. Hopefully this rain and colder weather will bring the fish in and turn them all for the boaters, shoreline and stream fishermen.

Have a blessed and safe day on the water

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