October 1, Elk Creek are of Erie for Steelies. : Elk Creek Erie, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: October 01, 2005

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Posted by George Polivka on October 01, 2005 at 20:52:43:

Decided to try our luck around Elk creek. We were one of two boats that went in at Elk Creek. Fished from 7:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon. Found the water temperature at 66 degrees and held there all morning. There was enough wind to make it feel much colder. We wasted a lot of time out in the 12 ft water and moved in until we hit the steelies. We had 6 on the lines and boated three- a 23" and two 25" steelies. Amazingly every one hit in the same area- directly out from the mouth of Elk Creek in 9 1/2 foot of water. We had the lines back probably 75' and had hits on a gold shad diver and were very close to tipping the bottom. When they ripped the hook of that I went to a silver shad diver and had two more hits. We lost a big one at the boat because of a badly tied knot and had one hit on a similar lure of fluorescent orange. I believe the answer was being very close to the bottom. It was a great day and am ready to go again. When the temperature is 65 or below they will start to move closer. Won't e long now! Have a blessed and safe day on the water!

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