Trolling In Front of PA Streams: Walnut Creek Erie, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: September 29, 2005

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Posted by George Yates Fisher of Men on September 29, 2005 at 22:13:41:

Wednesday September 28,2005
Water Conditions: Less than 1ft close - 1-3 Deep

The weather was ok for close in fishing.
We had one steel head hit in the morning in front of Trout.

After a couple hours we headed out into the first trench. It was suppose to be 2 ft or less until noon - NOT! It was 1-3 out there with an occasional 4ft. We made one pass with the wind at our back and tried turning around. One of the guys started getting sick so we pulled everything and headed in . Seawolf Charter stayed out and caught some good sized walleyes.

We headed into Elk. We used my planer boards way out away from the boat. We had 5 more steelies on. All of them hit on the fartherest pole from the boat. We missed one right at the boat. We landed one 26" steelie and one 28" steelie. O we picked up a 14" small mouth too. We fished right outside the mouth of Elk in about 8ft of water.

The early hit was on a Firetiger, Jr Thunderstick or Kaboom. The later hits were on black and white or dark purple with flecks. Those hits were on 2 blakemores, 1 reefrunner, 1 jr thunderstick/Kaboom and 1 jointed challenger.

We also trolled in front of Godfrey and Trout. Nothing.

They are dredging the channel at Walnut. We had limited times to launch and retrieve the boat (before 7:30am, 9-9:30am, 12-12:30, 2-2:30 and after 5pm) I do not think they will be dredging over the weekend. They are really cleaning out the place. It looks really good.

Have a blessed day on the water

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