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Fishing Report Posted: September 29, 2005

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Posted by Sherry on September 29, 2005 at 14:36:06:


Denise Brooks and Brook Stanford on the "Lucky Notion" came in with this nice 10 pound Walleye. It was caught in 62 ft of water off Godfrey. They went straight out of Walnut and trolled west. The fish was caught on a purple JrThunderstick.


The boats were bringing in the Perch from straight out of Walnut Creek in any where from 48-60 ft or water. They
were also getting them off of Trout Run in the same depth. I was told there are a lot of little ones being caught.


The boats are starting to troll in front of the
creeks. I only know of one being caught but with a nice cold rain it should bring some into the creeks. As of this writing which is Thursday Sept. 29, there is not many fish in the creeks. There are some "jacks" and a few bigger ones but the big run which comes in hasn't happened yet. Usually I will look for the boats trolling in front of the creeks to be catching some. I haven't seen but only a couple all week get caught. That to me means they are not stacked up in front of the creeks yet. Usually they will stack up in front of the creeks and wait for a cold rain then they will be in. I am giving a guess as to between 1-2 weeks before we see any large
amounts coming in.


The creek is done being dredged by the machine for right now. They got out a big slab of concrete and some big pieces of slate. They now have the machine parked at the courtesy dock. It will be taken out next week.

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