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Fishing Report Posted: September 15, 2005

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Posted by Sherry on September 15, 2005 at 17:57:14:


Ten year old Tyler Brown of Utica, PA came in with this nice 7 pound-4 ounce Walleye. He and his dad limited on them out in the first Trench in around
70 ft of water. He caught it on a cherry/lemon spoon.

Fifteen year old, Branden Lindenberger and Tyler Brigham of Corry, PA caught this nice Walleye in 68 ft of water in the first Trench. They caught this
one on a perch colored NK spoon.


Here is a nice 1 pound 11 ounce, 15 inch perch. Birgitta Allgeier of Union City, PA caught it straight out of Walnut Creek in 60 ft of water.


There are a couple being caught in the creek but they haven't had their run yet. I figure it will be in about two weeks with the weather the way it is. The water temp is still 72 degrees. When it is 65-68 then you can start looking for the run. Also, we need some cold rain.


The fish fry went okay this year even though not as many people as anticipated showed up. I went with a patriotic theme since it was 9-11. There was lots of food for everyone and there was no food to throw away after it was over. The fish was excellent so Thanks to the fryers: Jack McGill, Bill Oshinsky, Aldo Desantos, Dave Coleman, Leo Uhl, and Bob Gibbs.

I want to Thank, Cheryl Snyder, Sandy Shreckengost, Val Haser, Clare Binkowski, Judy Herrick, Christy Ferrier and Nancy Taylor for all their help.
They were very very helpful in setting things up and getting it going.

I would also like to Thank:

B.A.C. for donating 20 - 12 packs of pop
Poor Richards for their Smoked Fish
Elk Creek Sports for their 4- 12 packs of pop
Joe Hanson for the batter for the fish
Sea Wolf for the 5 - 12 packs of pop

Even though it was a good time it seems that fewer and fewer people are showing up so this will be the last one for a while. Maybe in a few years we will
try it again. Thanks again for all the help you guys.

This coming Monday, September 19, the crew from Pleasant Gap will be up to dredge out the mouth of Walnut Creek. They will be using the dredging
machine we purchased last year. It should take them a couple days so please be patient with them and bear with us till they get it done. It should be done by Thursday or Friday if there are no problems.

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