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Fishing Report Posted: September 09, 2005

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Posted by Sherry on September 09, 2005 at 16:02:16:


Don't forget to have your fish in by Saturday for the fish fry.  It is bring fish and a dish so everyone will have plenty to eat if all abide by that.


This week has not been too co-operative fishing wise. People were coming in but didn't want pictures or I didn't get a chance to take them.


People seem to be catching them anywhere from 48 ft to 60 ft of water.  It seems the cooler it gets the closer they come in.


The boaters are going out to the south side of the first trench and picking up a few here and there. Nothing phenomenal though.

Steel head:

Some of the boaters are picking them up while fishing for Walleye. I haven't weighed many yet so I can't tell if they are on their way in or not. Some are in the creeks but we call them the scouts. The check out the stream and let the others know what's going on. The water temp at this writing is 72 degrees and they usually start their way in when it is 65-68 degrees.


Shore fishermen:
PLEASE watch for boats who are entering and exiting the channel.
There are signs stating that the lines have to be pulled when the boaters go out and come in. They are to be pulled all the way out. If a fish gets on while it is dangling in the water it could do a lot of damage to the boats.

Boaters: PLEASE be courteous and if a shore fishing person has a fish on, let him land his fish before coming in if at all possible.
Also, blow your horns or whistles before entering and exiting the channel to let them know you are coming through.

Both sets of people have to be aware of the other and courteous of each other so that everyone can have a good time while fishing.

Section 741 (a) '53.2

It is unlawful for a person to camp overnight on or in Commission-owned or controlled property or waters, to erect a tent or other device used for, or
capable of being used for cooking or sleeping, or to build or maintain open fires on such property.

Therefore, there is NO SLEEPING in a vehicle, camper or motor
home on Fish and Boat Commission property.

There are camp grounds and motels to use for sleeping so please make
arrangements with them to accommodate you while you are here.


We now have 1-Day Tourist licenses. This license:

1. Permits the customer to declare the 24-hour period that the license will be used.

2. Does not require the purchase or use of Trout/Salmon stamps or Lake Erie permits.

3. Is not permitted to be used from April 1 to April 30 of any year.

4. Cost $25.00, plus $1.00 issuing agent fee.

Pennsylvania Resident National Guard and Armed Forces Reserve license.

1. Available to Pa Resident service members who provide documentation:

That within the previous 24 months, the person was deployed overseas as a member of the Reserve, Pennsylvania Army National Guard or Air National Guard, and

b. They were on active federal service for a period of 180 consecutive days or more.

2. Available to persons who provide documentation that proves they were released early from the service described above because of injury or disease incurred in the line of duty.

3. Service members limited to one license for each qualifying deployment

4. The cost of the National Guard License is $1.00, plus the $1.00 issuing agent fee and required the purchase
of appropriate stamps and/or permits.

5. Federal Travel Vouchers or Discharge Papers may be used to verify service

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