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Fishing Report Posted: August 12, 2005

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Posted by Sherry on August 12, 2005 at 06:41:04:


Fifteen year old Steven Romanchak of North Huntingdon, PA came in with this
nice 1 pound 4 ounce, 13 1/4 in Perch.  He said he caught it in 52 ft of
water straight out of Walnut Creek.

There isn't really much to say about the perch except people are having a
hard time finding them.  I have had reports of them being caught in 65 ft
and some at 44 ft straight out of Walnut.  But the reports are few and far


Four and 1/2 year old Hope Miller of Monongahela, PA caught her first
Walleye.  It weighed in at 4 pounds 4  ounces.  She caught it out
in the second trench, Straight out of Elk Creek in 65 - 70 ft of water off the
hump.  It was caught on a purple passion crawler harness 40-45 ft

The Walleye are being evasive again.  Some guys are going out East to
the mountain but I haven't heard many good reports out there.  Some are
going to the second trench but that is dying down too.  I have one guy tell
me he was going out of Conneaut and that has even slowed down.  He said he
was going to go west of Conneaut to try it.  The people that are getting
some are getting a lot of 14 -17 inch ones.  That is good for next year but
right now there seems to be a slack in catching them.  Well, they call it
fishing not catching,  you know.

I don't have that many pictures because there hasn't been that many fish
being brought in.  Let's hope that changes.


This year the fish fry will be on Sunday, September 11th at 12 noon.  I
posted the list for people to sign up in the lobby.    As
everyone who has come before knows,  you must bring a
DISH or something on
the list  AND some


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