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Fishing Report Posted: November 26, 2004

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Posted by Sherry on November 26, 2004 at 16:02:02:


There is a sand bar at the mouth of the channel.


Because of the snow and rain we had this week the creek is up and running. It is pretty muddy now but it should clear up in no time. The water isn't running as bad as it was yesterday. By late tonight or tomorrow it should be a good color.


A lot of people were fishing the creek. I got a couple shots of fisher persons up towards the bridge (upstream) and down by the stop sign (downstream). I went around the marina but no one was having much luck down there.

Chris Mason of Phillipsburg and Aaron Roos of Kylertown caught their catch on Mini-Foos. They said a lot of fish were getting caught up in the creek.


SAT: S/15-25k/4-6 ft waves. 60% chance of rain. Temperature in the 50's.

SUN: W/30k/7-10 ft waves. 40% chance of rain or snow.

MON: W/10-20k/3-5 ft waves.


Beginning December 3, we will be open only on, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays from 7:00 till 5:30. That is the schedule up until December 17th then the office building will be closed until April 15, 2005.


Because of the new pricing, licenses for 2004 will be sold at Walnut Creek Office until we close on December 17. Usually I would be able to sell the next years license but because of the new pricing it is held off until January 1. So, if you were born in 1939 or before you are eligible for a lifetime license and you might want to get it now. I cannot sell any licenses for 2005 until I return on April 15, 2005. You can get the lifetime licenses at the Court House and the other licenses can be found after January 1 in any store that sells licenses now, ie....sport stores, department stores, etc...

The fee package in HB 2155 is as follows:

Fishing License Boat Registrations
License Category
Old Cost
New Cost
Registration Category
Old Cost (2yrs)
New Cost (2yrs)
Less than 16'
Resident Senior Annual
16' to 20
Resident Senior Lifetime
20+' to more than 65'
7-day Tourist
3-day Tourist
1-day Resident (after May 1)
New for 2005
Trout Stamp
Lake Erie Stamp
New for 2005
Combo Trout/Lake Erie Stamp
New for 2005

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