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Fishing Report Posted: November 04, 2004

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Posted by Sherry on November 04, 2004 at 15:05:19:


The marina was opened Wednesday, November 3, at 2 P.M. with around 80 fisher persons standing around waiting till I blew the whistle.


The first fish was caught at 4 minutes after it was opened but the fish got off. The first one to be brought in was caught 25 minutes after the open and was a 15" one caught by Ron Bolash of Erie. He caught it on Skein (or fish eggs).


The steel head are going up the creeks. They seem to be going straight up the creek not stopping at the mouth. The marina doesn't have that many either right now. This rain we are getting hopefully will bring some more in.

Steve Hornyak of Brentwood caught this 10lb 6oz female on rainbow power bait in Walnut Creek. He said the leaves were a big problem while fishing and that he was real lucky to have caught her.

Ron Berlin of Derry PA caught this 10lb steel head on Black Nymph.

Ken Collier of Butler came in to have a fish weighed for an Angler Award. It weighed in at 10lb 10oz. She was caught in Walnut with a wholly bugger.


Rick Carlson of Hermitage and Don Donahue of Freeport came in with a brown trout for an angler award. It weighed in at 6lb 7oz. It was caught in Walnut on a white sucker spawn tipped with maggot.


There is a sand bar at the mouth of the channel. If you go out, please watch the water carefully. You will have to go close to the rocks on the west side to go out right at the mouth. There is about 20 ft width there to use. It is around 2 ft deep there. To the east of it is the sand bar which is around 12 inches.


The weather for the weekend is to be cold.
Friday - NW/35k/9-12 ft waves - 40% chance of snow or rain showers
Fri. Night - W/35k/9-12 ft
Saturday - W/15-25k/5-8 ft
Sunday - W/10-20k/3-5 ft - 30% chance of showers in the afternoon.

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