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Fishing Report Posted: October 29, 2004

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Posted by Sherry on October 29, 2004 at 14:29:39:

The marina will be open Wednesday, November 3, at 2 P.M.. Maintenance is supposed to pull the docks out on Monday and Tuesday the 1st and 2nd of November. If for some reason they aren't pulled, the marina will be closed. There is no fishing until all boats AND DOCKS are out.


There is a sand bar at the mouth of the channel. If you go out, please watch the water carefully. You will have to go close to the rocks on the west side to go out right at the mouth. There is about 20 ft width there to use. It is around 2 ft deep there. To the east of it is the sand bar which is around 12 inches.


The steel head are going up the creeks. They are stopped in the holes because of no rain but we are to get some this weekend. I have not had any good reports this week. I don't even have any pictures to show. Not many people catching fish. Boaters are having a hard time getting on the water because of the mouth being clogged except for 20 ft on the west side against the rocks. From what I hear they are getting some up further in the creek but not much of anything down near the mouth. The creeks are low and clear.


The weather is supposed to be:

SATURDAY: SW/ up to 30 k/6-9 ft

SUNDAY: W/30 k/7-10 ft

MONDAY: W/15-25 k/2-4 ft

TUESDAY: E/10-20 k/4-6 ft

There is a 50% chance of rain on Saturday, 30% on Saturday night, and 30% chance in the morning on Sunday and Monday afternoon.

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