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Fishing Report Posted: October 23, 2004

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Posted by Sherry on October 23, 2004 at 13:48:11:

The marina will be open Wednesday, November 3, at 2 PM. Maintenance is supposed to pull the docks out on Monday and Tuesday the 1st and 2nd of November. If for some reason they aren't pulled, the marina will not open. There is absolutely no fishing until all boats AND DOCKS are out.


There is a sand bar at the mouth of the channel. It starts twenty feet from the west rocks all the way to the beach on the east side of the mouth. If you go out, please watch the water level carefully. You will have to go against the rocks on the west side to go out right at the mouth. Also, keep your prop up as high as possible. It is around 2-3 ft on the west and only 12-18 inches on the bar.


Mr. Gregory Rim of Pittsburgh caught this 9 lb 4 oz brown south of the little launch ramp in the project waters. He caught him on orange power bait.


The steel head are going up the creeks. They are stopped in the holes because of no rain but we are to get some this weekend. Boaters (the ones who can get out) are picking up a couple here and there.

Ten year old Bryan and five year old Jessica Lizon of Butler brought in this 9 lb 12 oz steel head. Bryan caught it in the project holes in Walnut on a brown fly.

The weather has not been too co-operative to the boaters but this weekend should be okay. Sunday they are calling for 1-3 ft waves subsiding to 2 ft or less.

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