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Fishing Report Posted: October 21, 2004

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Posted by Sherry on October 21, 2004 at 09:24:22:

WARNING: There is a big sand bar in the mouth of the channel. It is advisable for boats bigger than 16 ft. to take extra precautions if attempting to go out onto the lake. On the west wall toward the center for about 20 ft. it is 3 ft deep, the rest of the way over to the east wall is only 12-18 inches deep. This gentleman is out IN the lake fishing.

STEEL HEAD AND COHO SALMON: The fish are finally coming in. The only ones with any luck so far are the shore fisher person. The boaters are having a hard time. The fish are jumping but not biting. Plus the sand bar is making it hard to get out.

Fourteen year old James Danos of Sharpsville, PA got a citation for this 11 lb 8 oz steel head. He caught it on the wall at Walnut Creek using a mini foo - jig.

Jason and Angela Bricker of Leechburg, PA got these nice fish. Jason's 10 lb and 13 oz. Steel head was caught on pink sucker spawn and Angela's was caught on maggots. They were caught in the project waters in Walnut Creek.

Josh Stelma of Mt Carmel got his fish off the wall on salmon eggs.

William Hudec of Johnstown caught his Coho salmon at the shoots in Walnut Creek. He was using pink sucker spawn.

Fifteen year old Dush Evanovich of Irwin caught his on egg sack with small split shot. He caught his up in Walnut Creek.

Milford Lawson of Blacklick, PA caught this 10 lb 2 oz. off the north wall in Walnut Creek using orange power bait.

Ron Peretti, of Ridgeley, W.V. got this 13 lb 6 oz. steel head in Walnut Creek on a yellow woolly bug.

Stephen Zvolensky of White Oak, PA caught his 8 lb 4 oz Coho on sucker spawn in Walnut Creek.

WALLEYE: This week has been bad for the boaters. I haven't had many boaters go out. Therefore, I don't have any report on the walleye. If anyone did get any they didn't let me know.

PERCH: See Above. The only perch report I got was that they are going out deeper in the 80 ft of water. Because of the sand bar out front few boats are going out.

WEATHER: This week so far has been really damp. It has rained or drizzled just about every day. This weekend is supposed to be just like the past four weekends. The waves on the lake have been calm to 2 ft during the week and then on the weekend we seem to get the big 4-6 ft or bigger ones. This weekend is to be 4-6 ft on Saturday and 3-5 ft on Sunday. That is open waters so maybe close to shore it won't be so bad. The winds are supposed to be from the South on Saturday going Southwest and then West on Sunday at 15-25 knots both days.

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