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Fishing Report Posted: October 15, 2004

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Posted by Sherry on October 15, 2004 at 13:35:05:

STEEL HEAD: There are some up in the holes in Walnut Creek by the bridge. Water temperature is just right for them to come in. They are very slow in doing so though. We need a couple days of hard rain. We had some today but not nearly enough. Even the boats are not picking many up. Hopefully this weekend rain will bring some around. The creek is low and clear.

This gentleman caught this nice fish and I apologize for forgetting his name but over the three days I was off I lost it. He was very proud of his catch though I do remember that.

Robert Schaffer of Prospect PA caught this 13 pound steel head. It is 31 inches long and had a girth of 22 inches. He and his wife (who also caught a 12 pound fish) were fishing on the south side of the marina by the little launch ramp.

Kenn Aiman of Polk and Mike Mihleder of Beaver, PA got these fish at the mouth of Walnut Creek. They were 11lb 9 oz and 12 lb 2 oz respectively. Kenn got his on a orange glow Cleo and Mike got his on a black jig.

Jerry Heck of Pittsburgh went out with Don Clayton and got three nice ones.

WALLEYE: I haven't had anyone come in that I know of with any this week. The weather hasn't been cooperating very much for any walleye fisherman.

PERCH: They are like the walleye. No one can find them either. The last I heard they were in 43-45 ft of water a little west of Walnut Creek. I haven't seen any boater come in with any though.

WEATHER: The weather this weekend is to be very nasty. Saturday up to 40 knots with 10-14 ft waves.

WARNING: There have been some big rocks spotted in the center of the channel so be very careful while coming in and leaving the marina.

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