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Fishing Report Posted: September 23, 2004

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Posted by Sherry on September 23, 2004 at 17:27:15:

STEEL HEAD: are on their way in. A few boaters have been catching some trolling in front of the creeks. There are some trapped up in the holes in Walnut Creek by the bridge. Water temperature usually has to be around 64o but they are coming in now slowly.

William Stewart Jr., age 17, of Latrobe caught this nice citation sized steel head in Walnut Creek south of the marina in the holes.

PERCH: are out in 65' to 68' ft of water. Boaters are picking them up straight out of Walnut and also west of Trout Run. You can also catch them fishing for walleye in 70-73' of water.

Mary Ann Rickard of Girard came in with the limit of perch. She said they were in 67 ft of water northwest of Walnut Creek.

WALLEYE: are in 68'-73' of water. They are caught trolling with worm harnesses, plugs and spoon from Elk Creek east to Trout Run. They seemed to have moved out into the trenches. They have been tougher to catch lately too. You can also find them at 080o:29 w and 42o:08 n on the GPS or out in 70' for water. They are deep.

Ardell Blair (Red Bird) and his buddy went out and limited on walleye.

WARNING: There have been some big rocks spotted in the center of the channel so be very careful while coming in and leaving the marina.

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