Aug 14 - Walleye & Perch: Erie area Erie, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: August 14, 2004

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Posted by Ron Milavec aka 'eyes-o-plenty on August 14, 2004 at 21:40:41:

Good day on the lake thanks to Ron Rush, aka SeaWolf.

Cloudy & 1-2's in the AM to sunny and near flat in the PM. Saw a small water spout mid-AM north of Walnut.

Launched out of Walnut at 7am and ran NW of the perchers to 1st trench. Saw SeaWolf amoung the pack. Trolled harnesses (chart/copper combo) and spoons (blk/pur, trout). Only landed a 3# 'eye. Late morning, SeaWolf ran past us heading West. Pulled our lines and followed.

By 3pm we had boated 5 more 'eyes (3# to 6-1/2#) and 10 jumbo perch (11"-15") as a bonus. No dinks. Did have 3-4 big fish knock-offs.

63-65 fow on the south side of the 1st trench off Elk. Kept circling a 1/2 mila area. Most producitve pattern was a home-made harness, chart/ora walley spinner in front of a hammered copper willow blade, behind a brt grn mini-disk (2") on wire back 240 off the planer-board. Lots of water fleas on the lines today.

Was out last Sat (8/7) with 2 perch tickets before landing 4 'eyes from an area off Trout Run in 55/60 fow. Similar plan. Biggest 'eye went 30" and 9# 4oz, 2 5#ers and a 3#.

May the weather cooperate and hope that all of you have 'eyes-o-plenty (and a few perch too)

PS - Fish Hook, how did you end up?

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