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Fishing Report Posted: July 29, 2004

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Posted by Sherry on July 29, 2004 at 16:59:54:

The Lake Shore Fire Department is looking into acquiring an “Aggressor” Fire and Rescue boat. There is no fire rescue boat for Lake Erie they said. They launched it from here on Wednesday at 4:20 PM for a test run. They seem very interested in it.

The fishing has been very slow lately. The weather has not been cooperating very much either. Thursday started out very good. The parking lot was full and every one who went out seemed to have either caught their limit or came close. It was a very beautiful day.

Walleye: are still in shallow waters. I haven’t heard of too many being caught out deep yet. They did the same thing last year. You can find them mostly straight out from Godfrey in 36-38 ft of water.

Here are Bill Caughey (Another Addiction) and Bernie Garvey with their limit of Walleye. They said these are the good eatin ones.

Here is a mixed batch of Walleye and Perch. Bob Gibb and Jim Kirkpatrick limited on both of them. These are just a sample of each.

Perch: are in 55-65 ft of water anywhere you go. They are nice sized too. There are also some small ones but if they are 8” please don’t throw them back. Most of them will die. There is always tomorrow to catch some more big ones.

Glenn and Sue Stephens (Sweet Sue) came in with their limit of Perch.

Scott Shaffer and Mike Daugherty both came back in with their limit too.

Elliot Haire went out with his Grandpa, his Aunt and a good friend John Grody and they limited on both Walleye and Perch. Here he is showing how nice sized these perch are that are being caught. Their boat came in with 16 walleye and 80

The fish hanging sign you see in the back ground of the one picture, is for taking pictures here at Walnut Creek. Anyone can use it. Just make sure you are not impeding traffic.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Fish Fry. The sign-up sheet is in the lobby on the half-door to the office. All you need is to bring fresh fish, some other kind of dish and yourself. You might want to bring a chair too. Hopefully, it will be nice out. I will see you all there.

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