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Fishing Report Posted: July 22, 2004

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Posted by Sherry on July 22, 2004 at 18:07:39:

Fishing off Walnut Creek is still fantastic. Perching is fantastic, walleye has slowed down quite a bit, and I have heard a couple boaters say they caught steelhead out in the trenches.

PERCH: are in 53í-63í of water. Lots of nice ones coming in. There are a few of the fishing people who are throwing the 8 and 9 inch ones back. This is not a good practice because sooner or later the fish will be no longer here. So please if you catch a legal one, keep it. There are a lot now but eventually they will be fewer and fewer.

Here is a nice cooler full of perch. They are Sea Wolf Charters members Mark Brown, Terry Hopper Sr., Terry Hopper Jr., and Bob Stackhouse.

Ken Darr went out with Billy O. and limited on perch too. Just about anyone can limit in no time. Every once in a while they shut down but if you wait around a while they will be back. Best time is in the early morning right when the sun comes up. But they are being caught all day and evening long.

Don Clayton (Fish Connection) took his charter Roger Riggs and group from West Virginia, out and they limited on Perch and caught 4 walleye.

WALLEYE: are being evasive once again. There are a couple here and there being caught but not in the limits like they were a couple weeks ago. The most I have had come in that I seen was 4. They are not anywhere in particular either. One boater caught his out deep by the trenches and another one caught his in close between 30-40 ft of water. Night crawlers still are the best bait I have been told. Although spoons and plugs work too.

Bill Fischer (Principal) went out on Ardell Blair (Red Bird) boat. He can catch more than perch he said and he showed me what they caught.

Dave of the King and I came in with a couple walleye too.

The fry will be on Labor Day, Sunday, September 5, at approximately 2 PM this year. Please bring some FRESH fish and a dish. We will need the fish (if frozen) by Friday afternoon. Please donít bring any fish older than 6 months. A list is posted in the Lobby for sign-ups as to what you will bring. The sign is on the half door leading into the office. We will need oil, batter, pop, plates, silverware, cups, and anything else that you can think of.

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