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Fishing Report Posted: July 16, 2004

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Posted by Sherry on July 16, 2004 at 15:46:09:

The fishing is doing great if you can make it out on the lake. The weather lately has not been cooperating with the fishing. Last weekend we had a terrific turn out here at the marina.

There were so many boaters that I actually had to close down the road, which lasted only until I walked back to the building. Someone moved the sawhorses I put in the road and the traffic started back up. It was a steady stream of boaters coming in beginning at 5:00 AM. When I left at 4:30 there were still boaters coming to launch. The fishing people said it was a sea of boats from Ashtabula to Long Point. It would have been a sight to see from an airplane.

Now for the fishing report:

Perch: are out in 55-63 ft of water. Straight out of Walnut and also out from Trout, Godfrey, and Elk Creek. Emerald shiners is the preferred bait if you can find them, if not use Golden shiners.

Here is Ardell Blair (Red Bird) holding up two of the limit he and his buddy caught. They came in with two buckets full of perch. He and his fishing buddy went out today (Friday).

Walleye: are in close from 20-30 ft and out deep in anywhere from 50-75 ft. Use worm harnesses, plugs, and spoons are the best. Yellow and Green or Black and Purple are the colors to use.

John Grody got this walleye the other day. He went out with Steve Burt (Moxie Man) and Bernie. It was one of 12 (their limit) they came in with. They also limited on Perch.

There were not many nice days out this week for fishing. The weather didn't cooperate very well.

People have been asking about our fish fry. We are going to start putting up the list for things needed for the fish fry in the lobby. The fry will be on Labor Day, Sunday, September 5, this year. Please bring some FRESH fish and a dish. We will need the fish (if frozen) by Friday afternoon. Please donít bring any fish older than 6 months. A list will be posted in the Lobby for sign-ups as to what you will bring. We will need oil, batter, pop, plates, silverware, cups, and anything else that you can think of.

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